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My Mack B model restore project currently is involving 2 B model's. A B42S and a B53S. While I will be using each of these trucks to make one good truck, both of these trucks comes with a history. Thanks impart to the Mack Trucks Historical Museum I will be capturing and documenting the history of each of these trucks.

The Plan:

* Drive train:
    The original gasser that is in the B42 has seized. I was hoping that this engine could be saved and rebuilt, but from the research that I have done, the lack of parts and the condition the engine is this is not a very reasonable option. I will be using the Thermodyne with the quadruplex that is in the B53.

* Chassis:
    I will be using the frame from the B42S and not the B53. The B42 has the camel back suspension, where the B53 has the beam style suspension. The B42 chassis is also longer which is what I am looking for as I am planning on putting a flatbed on this truck. The one thing I am torn on right now, is the B53 has the better rear axles as far as gear ratio and better air brakes. The axles are different between the B42 and the B53 so I can't just swap carriers. I am looking into how hard it would be to swap the axles but don't think I can at this point because of the differences between the camel back mounting and the beam mounting. But I am pretty sure the brakes will move over.

* Body:
    I will be using the Cab and front sheet metal from the B42, it is in much better shape than the B53.

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