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This B53 was a great find. As I was working on the B42, I started to run into issues with the engine and the drive train. I was in a position that unless I found either a whole other truck, or a ton of parts this project was going to come to a very quick stop. A friend suggested I pay a visit to Loveland Ready Mix, as he remember they used to run B model Macks mixers. Loveland Ready Mix had been using this B53 as a dump truck / yard dog truck and had just stopped using it the previous summer.

This B53 has a great drive train, and has all the missing parts I needed. So between the B42 and the B53 we'll be able to get a good solid truck.

The B-53S Extending the Frame Painting the Frame
New Drive Shafts Front Axle Swap 72 GMC Donor